Monday, August 8, 2011

A lot of Youtube

Hey guys! I haven't blogged since, I think, Friday. But I have played around with my backgrounds, fonts, and colors as you can see.

Anyways, about my lps. I am not getting any new ones for who knows how long. But... I AM GETTING A NEW CAMERA!!! It's an HD water proof emerson, and I think my mom is going to buy it sometime next month with her new laptop, which means... ME AND MY SISTERS GET HER OLD LAPTOP!!! Okay, well, next month I get an awesome camera and a decent laptop in my room. Back to littlest pet shop. Well, I'm gonna make a music video or two, then I'm gonna start on my series that I have seven scripts written for it already. I also am going to try to make my next video for LPSAmberful's contest on Youtube. (I am on Youtube everyday almost all day, so feel free to contact me there.) I am not sure about whats going on with the horse drawing contest right now, but I made my drawing like a month ago. The contest ends in a couple weeks though, so I'll see if I got anywhere near first place. So far I have placed 2nd in two contests. I am hoping for a break in the twos where I get a first place, hopefully.

I haven't done much today, so I thought, why not write a blog? It'll keep me occupied for twenty minutes, so why not?

I'm gonna add some more gadgets to my page, like email, and stuff like that. I'm also going to see if there is a youtube gadget. If there is, I would be so happy.

On Youtube, I don't have a whole bunch of videos. The reason why, I'm still fairly new(on my supaninjacat channel), lack of time by myself with a camera, crappy camera's, and screwed up computer that lives in the living room. Hopefully, I will finally be able to make some good videos. The stipid videos are there cuz that is what I could make while I was bored, until my phone stopped sending videos to youtube.

Okay, if you have seen me on youtube, you have noticed I enter a ton of contests. This is cuz I am bored and have nothing to do all summer. Also, I choose contests that don't require too much video. The next video is going to be my entry for LPSAmberful's round two of her contest, and I am actually planning on making it fun and exciting. Hopefully it turns out good. Well, that's al for now, cuz my mom wants me to go do dishes. Luv ya guys! <3

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