Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Little About Me

Well, I am a fourteen year old Littlest Pet Shop lover. I have seven siblings, one of them who also loves lps. We both have Youtube accounts, mine being supaninjacat and lpskitten1. My 11 year old little sister's account on Youtube is threelilkittens3. It used to be a shared account, but it belongs to her now. Her username for her blog is Flaimean.

Anyways, my blog is mainly about littlest pet shop. LPS videos for youtube, LPS backgrounds, icons, etc. I will be writting mainly about my scripts and ideas I have for videos.

I am also a fairly good singer, writer and artist. I also love to read. I'm quite talented, but I don't ever really share my talents, because I'm shy. If I sing on the internet, or draw on the internet, I'm not quite as shy. If you ever look at my Youtube channel, I say a lot. I can be quite crazy, and I tend to get off track. I have also noticed, that when I'm on the internet, I tend to be more myself. I also say things a little different, and I seem a little more emotional. It seems like I have two personalities, but they are the same.

Also, if you are wondering why my blog is called Sounds of the Silence, it's because I'm a very quiet person. But here, on the internet, I CAN BE AS LOUD AS I WANT! See what I mean?

Also, I failed to mention something. I have a very crazy, bouncy, noisy, whacked-out sense of humor. XD (<---Hopefully you know what I means, if not, LAUGHING FACE.) (see what I mean.)